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hotel Daneu - triesteThe Nuovo Hotel Daneu is located on the quiet hills surrounding the city of Trieste, next to the upland area of Carso; only five kilometers far from the city centre.

The hotel offers 26 rooms equipped with any comfort.

All the hotel guests have free access to the wellness centre, which consists of a swimming pool, sauna, and Turkish bath.


The territory

il carso - triesteThe Carso (Kras in Slovenian, Cjars in Friulan, Karst in German) is an upland of limestone rocks extending in the north-eastern part of Italy. It stretches out in an area of three countries: from the Giulian Alps (provinces of Gorizia and Trieste) and the massif of the Bebie Alps (Velebit) up to the north-western part of Croatia, Istria, covering also the western part of Slovenia go >>